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Mslexia: for women who write (but men can use it, too)

Mslexia website

Mslexia website

Looking for online outlets for your writing or for a list of  upcoming writing contests? How about interesting features on literary cutting-edge trends such as lit lite?

Mslexia is a smart, sophisticated writing magazine published in the U.K. whose web presence is very useful to writers. Recently redesigned, it offers online references and helpful links. The “Resources” and “What’s On” pull down menus are worth exploring if you have a spare minute.

Mslexia magazine for writers

Mslexia magazine for writers

Though Mslexia is a magazine for and by women writers, their databases and resources can help anyone, regardless of gender. They  have a submissions calendar, suggested craft books, and writing tips.

Why not check it out? And my female readers can also check out their submission dates. Mslexia is a high-quality publication. Any acceptance from Mslexia is a very fine clip.


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