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Contests… for cash and prizes!

you can't win if you don't enter

you can't win if you don't enter

Just wanted to share a few upcoming writing contests with readers.

Narrative is hosting its 2008 fiction contest entitled EVERYTHING IS  TRUE . . . or becomes so later for short stories, short short stories, and novel excerpts. Deadline is November 30. For more details, click here. Narrative contests are very competitive. Recently Gina Ochsner won one of their contests. Her work is widely published. I have one of her short story collections.

Sonora Review is hosting a short-short fiction contest, with entries due December 1. More information is available at this link. They claim an interest in publish and emerging writers.

Finally the 9th Annual Writers Digest Short Short Story Competition is now accepting entries through December 1.  More information is available by clicking this link.

At least two of those contests require an entry fee per piece–Sonora and Writer’s Digest. Some sites suggest never entering a contest that charges an entry fee; however, if you want your piece to be judged by someone whose time is valuable, I would argue that some contest fees are not only acceptable but reasonable. What person of any value and influence can afford to give away his/her time?

So, look at the  prizes awarded in comparison to the entry fee before you pass judgment on a contest. If the entry fee is $15 but first price is a cool thousand, that seems like a reasonable fee to me whereas if the entry fee is $15 and the top prize is $100, I would say that contest is not worth your time.

I plan to shore up a few pieces to enter in these contests tomorrow when my mind is fresh. Not because I’m a glutton for punishment but because I feel as if I have a piece or two capable of winning. And winning improves your platform.

And you can’t win if you don’t play.


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